About us

With over 30 years in the market, Bionatus Pharmaceutical Laboratory is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and products based on honey and derivatives.

Today, with a portfolio of over 100 products, Bionatus always seeks to take care of your family with quality and dedication. The company also has a Quality Control laboratory and production sector approved by Anvisa, with the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Bionatus researches and develops new products that meet customers' needs. We thank everyone who contributes to our history, as recognition is above all a result of our customers' satisfaction, product quality and employee dedication.


Promote and develop quality herbal medicines and functional foods throughout the national market through partnerships, ensuring profit to shareholders, continuous evolution of employees, respect for the environment and consumer satisfaction.


To be among the three largest companies in the herbal medicine and functional foods segment in Brazil by 2030.


Manufacture herbal medicines and functional foods with quality ingredients. Control the environmental and variable conditions of the production process to ensure they are in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice. Keep employees trained and continuously updated. Comply with the requirements of current legislation. Seek balance in quality management, so that it achieves its objectives and is financially viable.